Our story

“We” are Jeff and Sarah. And we love SCUBA adventures!

Jeff is a biologist and divemaster, but he is probably best known for his underwater photography. His images have graced the pages of magazines such as Sport Diver, Scuba Diving, Alert Diver, Sport Fishing and he has placed in contests such as Ocean Art, World Shootout, Ocean Views, Beneath the Sea, Our World Underwater, and many more. He also contributes regularly to the Dive Photo Guide and Underwater Photo Guide. To pay the bills, he works as a biologist for the University of Hawaii and has been known to lead blackwater dives.

Sarah is a SCUBA Intructor here in Kona, Hawaii. From Manta rays to tiger sharks to Nudibranchs, she loves them all. Diving for over 18 years now, it is her life’s passion. With a degree in Marine Biology – she is definitely known to “nerd out” or “squeal” at the tiniest of animals. Sarah doubles as Jeff’s model and critter finder.

We met out here in Kona, Hawaii after arriving here separately. Jeff’s originally  from Connecticut, and Sarah from California. We are both fascinated most with Black Water diving, (AKA Pelagic Magic) and became best dive buddies. We have swam with Sperm Whales, Swordfish, and humongous Tiger sharks together for the last 3 years.

We have a passion for diving everywhere – so here’s to a new adventure of diving all 50 states of America!

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We will be building and outfitting a GMC Passenger Van for cross-country SCUBA diving for two, plus an adorable pup. Follow our creative process each step of the way through our Blog!


But… WHY?!

The “SCUBA bum van” idea came into fruition while Jeff was between jobs a couple years ago. He had a whim to travel, write articles, take photos, and live in a van to tour the country.



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