It’s been a while!

Since our last post in October (yikes!), Jeff has been out and about on some whirlwind dream jobs and traveling the world! In November, as he enjoyed an award-winning vacation to Papua New Guinea with his friend, Jeff Molder (aka: Skinny Jeff), he found out he was a finalist for the World Shootout. Come January, we had tickets to fly into the BOOT show in Dusseldorf, Germany to accept an award!

Amanda Cotton, Jeff, Simon Lorenz and I after accepting Jeff’s award!


Jeff won Best in show Рand another trip to Papua New Guinea (this time for TWO!) and we are planning that trip as we write! Also since October, I have ran myself almost crazy organizing a trip to Isla Guadalupe and Cabo San Lucas for some epic shark encounters with the Nautilus Explorer fleet, (October and November 2018). Not to mention Jeff has been onboard the NOAA research vessel for 2 months this year (after a 5 month delay) going to all the remote islands to the south of us here!

Which brings me to this main subject of my post today – We were planning on breaking the road trip up into two parts, September 2018 and then May 2019 – but due to our added events (and some mandatory family time next month!) we will be doing our ENTIRE road trip in one, huge, epic trip!

May 2019 starts our road trip across America! Starting in California and working our way up and over, we will be hitting EVERY STATE by August!

Stay tuned for our updated trip map on our next post! Thanks to everyone for following us thus far – and we hope to see you *ALL* on our road trip next year!